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Interior Painting & Decorating

I cover all aspects of Interior work both domestic and commercial, from stripping existing wallpapers and preparing using only the best quality fillers to hanging all kinds of wallpapers from paintable Blown-Vinyls such as Super Frescos, feature-wall papers and expensive luxury wall coverings.

I always have plenty of professional trade quality dust sheets and protection and cleanliness is something which I pride myself on. When going into a clients home you have to treat it and its contents with the upmost respect which the client can be assured I do and the last thing I do after the sheets are up at the end of the day is vacuum and tidy-up.

In my experience on most wallpapers, lining-paper is required which gives a good, even surface for the finish paper to be hung. Lining-paper comes in different grades of thickness for the various condition walls can be in. A good knowledge of what adhesives to use is important in hanging wallpapers as is using the very best tools and blades. Hanging wallpaper is a real skill which requires patience and concentration as well as keeping your work area really clean and tidy.

The Materials I Use

I use all kinds of emulsion and tend mainly to use Johnstones Trade and Crown Trade which I think are the best ones. I'm able to advise on the best finish to use on a particular job, for example, areas of high traffic such as Hall/Stairs/ landings or wall areas in schools and offices a durable finish which is hardwearing and wipeable such as Eggshell or a Durable Matt finish is most suitable.

Trim paints I mostly use water-based now, I believe in VOC reduction in solvent-based paints and professional painters and decorators should nowadays be using water-based Satin and Gloss paints. Using water-based uses a different technique and brushes but once mastered, impressive results are gained, add to the fact that there is no fumes, white will not yellow and the drying times are really quick means water-based trim paints are the way forward. If you would like to learn more then view more information on VOC reduction here.

Using the correct primer for various substrates and problems such as water-staining, nicotine, rust etc is very important and the client can be assured that I have a vast knowledge of what to use and where. I can also supply pattern books for clients to look through and can advise on the most suitable papers and the latest trends.

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